WDC Statement Against Hate


On March 16, 2021 eight people were murdered at three separate Atlanta metro area businesses in a short period of time. One person is accused of all eight killings. Six of the eight victims were of Asian descent. While the motive for the shootings is not clear, a bright light is cast on the issue of escalating violence against Asians and Asian Americans. The Westmoreland Diversity Coalition stands in support of people of Asian descent. We strive to educate and create an atmosphere of understanding toward all cultures and people.


The group of people who in the United States are described as “Asian Americans” are comprised of a rich tapestry of cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Laotian, Pacific Islanders, Hmong, and others. The US has had a long and varied history of systemic racism toward this group and others. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a disturbing increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination. The United Nations Stop AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Hate Coalition reports that there were more than 2,800 first-hand accounts of hate crimes between March and December of 2020 across 47 states and Washington DC.


Further, the fact that seven of the eight victims are women, violence against women remains a matter of grave concern. Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted in this country. In these incidents, they were killed.


All hate is unacceptable. Violence is unacceptable. A person’s race, color, ethnicity, nation of origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, languages spoken, disability, or any other personal characteristic should never be an excuse to harm another.


Stop the violence.


Make Our Differences Our Strengths.