Westmoreland Diversity Coalition is a county-wide umbrella organization that embraces and promotes difference and inclusion.

It is committed to making Westmoreland County more inviting and diverse through county-wide programs and events, community conversations, educational material, etc., and seeks to partner with Westmoreland County government as well as other public and private entities to launch initiatives designed to help Westmoreland County grow and prosper.

A Sad Time

It is with profound sadness that we send out prayers and sympathy to the survivors and families of the fallen from the two mosque massacres in New Zealand. As an organization that promotes differences and inclusion, and truly believes that “Our Differences Are Our Strengths”, it is heart-wrenching knowing that hate to this magnitude continues to tear families, communities and the world apart. We denounce this horrendous act of hatred and terror and maintain that all communities of faith are free to worship in safety and without fear.

We dismiss the ideology of white supremacy, and any justification of it, that continues to subsist in our country and in any others. We must all confront this hatred and ensure that freedom for all to express their cultural, religious and ethnic identity remains. We must all stand together against hatred in all of its forms.

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We pledge:

  • To examine our attitudes, words and actions to ensure they reflect our commitment to respect each individual;
  • To speak out against both subtle and blatant words of hatred, intimidation and violence;
  • To respond positively and promptly to acts of hatred, intimidation or violence perpetrated by individuals or groups against others;
  • and To do what we can to promote understanding and unity among all people.

Your financial contribution would help to provide:

  • Educational materials to promote differences and inclusion
  • Monthly calendar, Bi Annual Newsletter
  • Community Forums
  • Training Programs
  • Administrative Support
  • Support of our annual celebration
  • Support of Special events around the County