The WDC Training Institute

The Coalition is working to establish a consistent reliable source of training to promote knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and associated issues. We strive to become a trusted resource for employers, and the primary trainer for new employees and leadership. We propose the development and execution of a structured series of fundamental training sessions focused on topics such as awareness of implicit biases, stereotyping and prejudice, micro and macroaggressions, to name a few, to be presented to the public at large, and as basic orientation for new employees in various organizations.

The Institute will offer training and support to individuals and organizations. We will offer seminars specifically designed to help individuals understand their own biases. This will create environments that will allow frank discussions; aiding workers in understanding cultural differences amongst their peers. As we progress, we will also endeavor to help those in leadership positions authentically view the workplace culture. This will likely involve exploration of the true meaning of and adherence to stated core values. With the core values of the institution in mind, ands in support of marginalized employees, employers can cultivate a safe, progressive, and equitable culture, dismantling any institutionalized biases and creating a truly equitable workplace.

Proposed Initial Institute Topics

  • Unconscious and Implicit Bias
  • Cultural Awareness and Competency
  • Judaism 101
  • LGBTQ+ 101
  • Micro aggression/Macro aggression
  • Social Identity
  • Growth Through Knowledge and Understanding

Training Formats

  • Workshops (in person or virtual)
  • Speaker series (e.g., Hidden Treasures)
  • Discussion groups
  • Book clubs