We pledge:

To examine our attitudes, words and actions to ensure they reflect our commitment to respect each individual; To speak out against both subtle and blatant words of hatred, intimidation and violence; To respond positively and promptly to acts of hatred, intimidation or violence perpetrated by individuals or groups against others; and To do what we can to promote understanding and unity among all people.

Your financial contribution would help to provide:

  • Administrative Support
  • Support of our annual celebration
  • Support of Special events around the County
  • Educational materials to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Monthly calendar, Bi Annual Newsletter

Annual Giving Levels:

$10 – Student Level
$25 – Individual
$35 – Family
$100 – Friend of Distinction
$250 – Silver Partner
$500 – Gold Partner
$1000 – Platinum Partner
$2000 & over – Justice & Harmony Supporter

    Please mark your selection. Thank you for your support! Make checks payable to: Westmoreland Diversity Coalition.
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