Make Our Differences Our Strengths

Our Mission

To create, through advocacy and education, an atmosphere of understanding and unity in Westmoreland County where all people feel welcome.

Our Vision

We envision Westmoreland County and its communities to be rich with understanding of all cultures and differences and to be open and welcoming to all residents.

Diversity Statement

We believe in embracing the richness of human differences. Diversity isn’t just about the color of our skin; it’s about celebrating the unique tapestry of experiences, abilities, backgrounds, and identities that make our community vibrant. Our mission is to promote understanding, inclusion, and equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other aspect of our diverse identities. Together, we strive to build a more inclusive and equitable Westmoreland County where every voice is heard and valued. Join us in celebrating the many facets of diversity that make our community stronger and more united.

About Us

The Westmoreland Diversity Coalition (Coalition) is a young communitybased nonprofit membership organization that is poised to bring people together to promote diversity from all walks of life, generate greater understanding and acceptance, and to help create through advocacy and education an atmosphere in Westmoreland County where all people feel welcome. The Coalition is working to build a cohesive foundation and network of residents and organizations in Westmoreland County to raise public awareness and work collectively to effect broad-based social change.

The Coalition replaces the Central Westmoreland Unity Coalition which existed for over 20 years. This Coalition is a county-wide umbrella organization that embraces and promotes difference and inclusion.  It is committed to making Westmoreland County more inviting and diverse through county-wide programs and events, community conversations, educational material, etc., and seeks to partner with Westmoreland County government and other public and private entities to launch initiatives designed to help Westmoreland County grow and prosper.  

At the core of this Coalition is the belief that the complicated, interrelated but subtle social issues that have existed in Westmoreland County for many years can only be addressed through long range consistent effort and sustained commitment.  The Coalition’s strategic plan is to build its foundation as it evolves and gains the respect and confidence of the community while at the same time acknowledges and recognizes the need to develop the awareness and adaptability to new challenges, opportunities and lessons, as they emerge.